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Monday, 22 August, 2022

We got married! – Natasha Lipman — The Rest Room

On Friday Sebastian and I were officially married at what we have been calling our “goyishe [non-Jewish] wedding (civil ceremony) and on Sunday we had our not-quite-Jewish-but-still-pretty-Jewish wedding. And I have to say, it was a bloody lovely one. It was small, personal, and just what we wanted.

And since I recorded a rather scattered podcast episode with my producer Philly all about getting started with planning a chronic illness friendly wedding, I thought it would only be right to mine my life for content once again and jump on a call with her to make another scattered podcast to share a bit about our day and how we navigated it with chronic illness.

Of course, in spite of all my excellent planning and organisation, there were things we couldn’t control, so on top of the expected and prepared for, we also had to navigate Sebastian still recovering from Covid, a bloody horrible heatwave, my hormones, and a few wobbles on Friday that could have jeopardised Sunday.

So, read on to hear how we adapted and made our wedding as relaxed, special, and resting friendly as possible…and there’ll also be some of the “sneak peak” pictures we got sent today from our brilliant photographer, Kaye Ford at Fordtography weddings.

Source: https://natashalipman.substack.com/p/we-got-married

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