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There seem to be a million and one ‘mind-blowing’ sex positions that, along with having some seriously strange names, promise intense orgasms. Unfortunately, many of them seem to require a level of strength, balance and flexibility not often seen outside of an acrobatics competition.

For people with physical disabilities, in particular, it might feel that an adventurous sex life, or even sex at all, might feel out of reach. But that simply isn’t true. That’s why we’ve asked The Pleasure Garden to guide you through sex positions for people with disabilities that may open your eyes and even give you some new ideas to try!

The first thing to highlight is that there is no right or wrong way to have sex. Sex education and the media seem to suggest that the only sex worth having is penetrative or PIV (penis in vagina) sex. This just isn’t true – and is also completely heteronormative!

Sometimes our bodies aren’t going to fit together in a way that makes penetrative sex possible. Our physical limitations, energy levels or pain might make certain sexual acts difficult or just not enjoyable.

Instead, the best sex position are the ones that allow you and your partner to enjoy each others’ bodies in a way that is pleasurable, fun and comfortable.

This might involve ‘traditional’ PIV sex, but it equally might not. There are so many other ways to enjoy each other: oral and anal sex; penetrating a partner with your fingers; using sex toys or simply enjoying intimate cuddles, touch or massage.

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