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The CNN Diversity Open Day was a great and unique experience By Hamse Abdilahi

The Cnn Diversity Open Day Was A Great And Unique Experience By Hamse Abdilahi

It was one of my best experiences at any media organisation that I have been to.
Instead of CNN staff talking to the participants about what CNN Newsroom does on daily
basis, we have been given the chance to do it ourselves. We pitched stories during the
morning editorial meeting. Some participants did production roles; others anchored for the newscast. All of these happened under the guidance of the much experienced CNN staff.

I anchored for the newscast and it was my first time I read from a teleprompter. I really
enjoyed it. Being at the heart of global stories and presenting them made me feel that I was at the centre of action, and that I can participate in setting the news agenda.


The CNN London Bureau is the headquarters of CNN International, which focuses on global stories. International news is one of my areas of interest as I have got international background and lived in different parts of the world. This was definitely my perfect place to work. I hope to work there or a similar place with an international outlook in the near future.


CNN is one of the most recognisable media brands on the planet. And to be there was a
great validation for my pursuit to join or be part of an organisation with such calibre and
name recognition. I am grateful that I have been part of this great experience. I am also
appreciative of the support and guidance given to us by CNN staff during this program.