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Sunday, 8 October, 2023

Farnham PFC get set for new season By Khaleel Chima

With the 2023-24 South East League Division approaching, Farnham Powerchair Football Club (PFC), gear up for their matches after a great summer break.

Weekly training on Saturday mornings between 10 to 12 are really paying off. With the team being founded just over a year ago back in 2022, players are already showing high potential. Parents, guardians, coaches, and others in the background are showing limitless support and guidance which is boosting everyone’s confidence.

Farnham PFC have recently obtained two new specialists powerchairs. One owned by Harry Stevens, while the second belongs to the club where any team member can use whenever they want to do so. The two chairs are easy to use and very agile, allowing the driver to move swiftly in all directions.

Joining this year has relit my passion for the sport. I played in the championship and premiership for Reading PFC. Unfortunately, I had to stop playing so that I could finish my university degree. After rejoining for a few training sessions, Reading PFC shut down due to lack of manpower.

Farnham PFC is such a lovely team to be a part of. Since day one, all here been very friendly and have excellent sportsman spirit, which gained us the fair play trophy. It’s still early days for Farnham. However, with the current rate of progress this team will be on top in no time.

For more information about Farnham PFC and the WFA click on the links below:



by Khaleel Chima Editor for Ability Today  

CFJ Alumni – Academy for Disabled Journalists

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