Young parents will have to pay £6,000 to learn how to communicate with deaf daughter – South Wales Argus

YOUNG parents whose four-month-old daughter was born deaf will have to pay £6,000 to learn sign language if they want to be able to commuicate with her.

Now, after discovering a lack of funding in Monmouthshire to pay for sign classes, they have arranged a fundraising concert to support the families of local deaf children.

Hear We Stand, organised by Ros Hannam, will raise money to pay for British Sign Language (BSL) classes for such families, for which there is currently no funding available. BSL courses can cost thousands of pounds.

Proceeds from the concert will also be donated to the National Deaf Children’s Society and a local charity for deaf children.

Mrs Hannam was inspired to organise the concert following the news her four-month-old daughter, Lola, had been born severely deaf.

“Obviously when we first found out about Lola’s deafness we were devastated – the life we thought we were going to have with our new daughter started with a big setback,” Mrs Hannam said.

“However, having come to terms with it, we have tackled it head on and are going to do everything we can to support her.”

Mrs Hannam and her husband, Josh, are currently learning a variety of ways to communicate with Lola, but with long-term planning in mind, decided to learn BSL.

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