Young man with autism pens viral employment letter: ‘take a chance on me’ – The Washington Post

Ryan Lowry, 20, on a boat ride. Lowry, who is autistic, posted a handwritten letter to potential employers on LinkedIn, which has been viewed more than 7 million times. (Ryan Lowry)

Communication is challenging for Ryan Lowry, but a handwritten letter he penned to his “future employer” has reached millions. The note makes a simple request: “take a chance on me.”

The 20-year-old job seeker who lives in Leesburg, Va., is autistic, and both speaking and writing can be laborious for him. But Lowry had his eye on his professional pursuits, so he decided to write a letter to prospective employers with the goal of finding a mentor and ultimately landing a job in the animation industry.

After several rounds of revisions, he wrote the final draft neatly on a single sheet of lined paper, then snapped a picture of it. With encouragement from his family, he shared it on LinkedIn on Feb. 27.

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