‘Wouldn’t change a thing’: Nottingham families speak about having a child with Down’s Syndrome – Nottinghamshire Live

Left to right: Helen Coppins, Jessica Kolawole, 12 , Matt Coppins, 16 and Melissa Crosdale (Image: Nottingham Post)

Two Nottingham mums who forged a friendship after both their children were born with Down’s Syndrome are featured in a new book about the condition.

Neither Melissa Crosdale or Helen Coppins from The Meadows knew their babies had the genetic condition until they were born.

Single mum Melissa – whose daughter Jessica Kolawale is now 12 – says it came as a complete shock.

“I got the diagnosis two or three days after she was born,” she explained.

“I was discharged from hospital. The midwife recommended there was this support group. I was on my own. I didn’t know anyone else who had Down’s”.

Meanwhile Helen and her husband, Andy, set up the Nottingham Down’s Syndrome Support Group when her son, Matt, was around three.

“Helen is amazing,” says Melissa. “It was very scary. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t know what to expect”.

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