With special needs, one size does not fit all – The Guardian

‘There is a glaring absence of appropriate diagnosis and support for pupils and students with conditions like dyslexia,’ says Evan Bayton. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

Prof Simon Gibbs is wrong to suggest that Maple Hayes is hijacking resources unnecessarily and unscrupulously from local authorities (Difficulties with reading have no magic solution, Letters, 22 September). It is a pity that a very important published statement from Staffordshire LA to Walsall LA was edited out of my previous letter (20 September) – I will quote it again.

In a recent case statement, Walsall LA wrote that the Staffordshire SEN commissioner had shared the following information: “As independent schools go, the fees are quite modest and therefore there may not be a significant difference between the cost of provision in a local mainstream school and the cost of provision at Maple Hayes. This can make it difficult for us to win tribunals.”

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