How Welsh Government could better spend ‘its’ money on autism projects – The Llantwit Major GEM

I would like to present my opinion as regards how to improve the method of financing services for autistic people in Wales.

There is more awareness of autism in this age and there is significant attention being given towards the condition, thankfully. I would like to inform you that there is a proposed plan by the Welsh government to give a sum of £13 million to finance a new body.

The new body, called the National Integrated Autism Service, will focus mainly on giving a diagnosis to individual people. But this isn’t ideal and could be better.

As an individual living with the condition, I can explain how to make better use of the Assembly’s money. I live near Cardiff where I receive help from a charity called Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru.

The purpose of the charity is to support and advise adults with autism; without it, the people living with the condition would have great difficulty managing everyday problems.

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