Watch the incredible moment a man’s Parkinson’s is ‘cured’ – New York Post

This incredible footage shows the moment a man literally stops shaking as surgeons cure his Parkinson’s disease – during a brain operation. See SWNS story SWOCbrain. Filipino Jose Alvarez ended up losing his career because of the disorder, which left him unable to walk or talk properly. But last month Jose underwent a new type of brain surgery – where he stayed awake during the op. Video shows him trembling as doctors begin to operate – then all of a sudden he stops shaking and raises his hands in the air in disbelief.

An incredible video captures the precise moment a man stops shaking as his Parkinson’s is cured.

In what doctors are calling a “medical milestone,” the video shows Filipino patient Jose Alvarez undergoing a groundbreaking brain operation at a hospital in Bengaluru, India, all while wide awake.

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