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Acquiring a disability later in life can be difficult to adjust to. Some people may feel frustrated and angry, always wondering whether it could have been prevented. But, the important thing to remember is that having a disability doesn’t mean hope is lost, and new opportunities arise that can enrich your life in a way that you never thought was possible.

Hannah Deakin, a TEDx Talk speaker and blogger who has complex regional pain syndrome, shares her experiences of how she acquired her disability and how she has overcome challenges to achieve all that she has. Hannah hopes that her blogs will make a positive impact on other disabled people.

Coping with my disability as a teenager

Due to being well and able-bodied until I was 14, my experiences of growing up with a disability started later, as a teenager. I acquired my disability after sustaining an ankle injury playing netball. I then developed complex regional pain syndrome and spent most of my teenage years in hospital, bedbound from the age of 15 to 19.

This, I suppose, can be looked at in a positive way, that I am lucky to have experienced non-disabled life and can see things from both perspectives. Others may say it is harder having experienced that and then have it taken away.

Initially, when I was first ill, I don’t think I really thought of myself as disabled. I thought I was ill and would get better. It was difficult after my injury at school, as I couldn’t do what my peers could do. I had to reduce my GCSEs from 10 to six, and I couldn’t do PE or sports.

I had to stop working towards my Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E), which was a big thing for me as most of my peers participated. I couldn’t partake in extracurricular activities, in or out of school, as I wasn’t mobile or well enough.

Initially, after my injury, I was on crutches, then I became a wheelchair user. Getting around school took a lot longer, I would leave lessons early to avoid the hustle and bustle and arrive late, juggling lifts and slopes and making sure the step entrances were avoided.

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