UK LGBTQ Festival Will Screen Film Exploring Down Syndrome and Sexuality – The Mighty

What happened: The short film “S.A.M.” is set to screen for free at a U.K. LGBTQ film festival. The production follows the story of a teen boy with Down syndrome named Sam as he makes a connection at the park with another teen with the same name. The two Sams instantly bond despite their differences as the friendship turns romantic. The film is unique in its diversity — offering an honest on-screen representation of someone with a learning disability who is also navigating his sexuality.

The film was originally created after a drama workshop with young adults with disabilities who expressed they felt that young people with disabilities were ignored when it came to having a sexuality. We wanted to show that young adults with disabilities can be LGBTQ and can be in relationships and not always with someone else who has a disability. —Lloyd Eyre-Morgan, filmmaker

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