How to treat tick bites, which ticks carry Lyme disease, what do they look like and how can you get rid of them? – The Sun

WALKERS are being urged to cover up to avoid tick bites following a surge in Lyme disease.

There are expected to be about 4,000 new cases of the disease in the UK this year — most of which will remain undiagnosed.

Wash the area of the tick bite with a lot of warm, clean water.

Then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, lightly to the wound.
This will keep the bite from sticking to the bandage.
After removing the tick, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

How can you remove them?
If you find a tick, remove it as soon as you can.
There are special tick cards but tweezers work as well as if you take care to grip the head as well as the body.

But don’t panic most bites are nothing to worry about.
Infected ticks are thought to have to latch on for at least 24 hours to pass on the infection, and even after this length of time transmission rates remain low.

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