It took a day for this visually impaired girl to sit each exam, but she still aced them – Wales Online

A GCSE student who had to take a day to sit each of her 19 exam papers because of her visual impairment is celebrating after picking up nine A*s and two As.

Thea Williams, of Queen Elizabeth High School in Carmarthen, has a severe visual impairment, which means she had to study using mostly audio revision techniques, while the actual exams took a 19 days to complete, a day per paper she sat.

She exceeded expectations with her incredible results, gaining nine A*s and two As and now intends returning to sit her A levels before going on to study for a degree.

Emily Morris, of QE High, who has worked with Thea for several years during lessons, said: “She should be so proud, she’s done incredible and overcome so much.

“Her papers had to be specially modified, so they were made specifically for her, and it took her a day to sit each paper.

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