Tim Renkow on creating a disabled character with comedic flaws in Jerk – The Scotsman

Tim Renkow as Timfrom the new TV series Jerk. Picture: PA Photo/BBC/Roughcut TV/Adam Lawrence

Using his personal experience with disability as creative inspiration, the US comedian’s hit BBC Three comedy Jerk is returning for a second series.

Playing a heightened version of himself, also called Tim (alongside co-writing the show), Renkow’s dark humour transforms his character into a kind of anti-hero, channeling and exploiting the idea that cerebral palsy makes other people far more uncomfortable than it does the person who has it.

It’s something Renkow is acutely aware of – and regularly exacerbates. Part of his schtick in Jerk is turning other people’s uneasiness into pure, unadulterated awkwardness.

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