This model with Down’s syndrome is breaking barriers at New York Fashion Week – BBC Three

It’s no secret that the fashion world is lagging behind when it comes to diversity.

Models, in particular, often have to meet height, weight and proportional requirements, with many High Street fashion items not available in plus sizes. It has some catching up to do when it comes to racial representation, too.

And then there’s disability. To judge from the make up of most mainstream catwalks and magazine spreads, you’d think that differently abled people didn’t wear clothes.

But things could be moving in the right direction, with a new group of talented catwalk models taking part in New York Fashion Week.

Marian Avila, a 21-year-old model from Benidorm in Spain, has Down’s syndrome.

“I felt really happy and I really loved the runway,” Marian told Associated Press after one show. “I wanted to show the world that there are no barriers.”

“I’m studying modelling and to become an actress,” she said, adding that she “practises every day” at home.

Marian got the gig after another model saw her story on social media. That model told the American designer, Talisha White, 25, about Marian’s dreams, and the two of them got in touch with her on Facebook.

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