This 30-Year-Old Woman Is Fighting for Her Life After Losing Multiple Limbs to Toxic Shock Syndrome – Health

Just over a week ago, Anna Norquist was a healthy 30-year-old woman with a passion for gymnastics. On December 14, everything changed. She developed toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare, potentially lethal condition that has resulted in multiple limb amputations. Now, Norquist is struggling to stay alive.

It all started when Norquist went to Chicago last weekend to see a concert, her father told Fox 59, a TV news station based in Indianapolis. After returning home on Sunday, “she didn’t feel well and thought she was getting flu-like symptoms. Then, by Monday, she was fighting for her life,” Gordon Norquist said.

Doctors aren’t completely sure how Norquist contracted the condition, but they believe it’s a secondary complication of a primary infection with Streptococcus, the same type of bacteria that can cause strep throat, her family told Fox 59.

As TSS took hold, the bacteria spread rapidly through Norquist’s body, releasing toxins that resulted in the amputation of both her right arm and her left leg. When she’s stable enough, doctors are also planning to amputate her left hand. She’s already undergone 10 surgeries and will likely need more.

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