Thetford woman fundraising to see specialist about her fibromyalgia hopes it could help to rebuild her life – Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

In 2016 Emma Parslow Cope was diagnosed with the long-term condition fibromyalgia which causes an increased sensitivity to pain, exhaustion, headaches and problems with mental processes.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Thetford, said the condition has had an enormous impact on her life. She has had to leave her job and it has put a strain on her relationships with family and friends.

Miss Parslow Cope describes the pain throughout her body as like a “burning sensation” and she suffers from fatigue and has trouble sleeping.

As a result of her condition she has developed anxiety and depression.

She is now hoping to raise £10,000 to cover the costs of seeing a specialist at the Fibro Clinic in London and any treatment, medication and accommodation needed.

Miss Parslow Cope said: “I am desperate to get help so I can get myself in a state of managing so I can then do some volunteer work to build my life up.

“The specialist should be able to put me on a programme and understand me as a person. I hope they should be able to give me treatment to help me get some sort of proactive life back.”

A keen sportswoman, in 2010 Miss Parslow Cope hurt her hip during a college football match.

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