The hi-tech OXSIGHT glasses helping a visually impaired Hull woman – The Yorkshire Post

A Yorkshire academic has spoken of how a “life-changing” pair of augmented reality glasses are helping her to see better despite her visual impairment.

Hull University senior lecturer Bethan Jones, 47, particularly struggles in dim lighting and with night blindness due to an undiagnosed condition she has had since birth that means aspects of her sight – particularly her peripheral vision – are slowly degenerating.

But friends told her about OXSIGHT, a company which creates special glasses for visually impaired people.

Controlled with a hand-held console, the OXSIGHT Crystal glasses that Dr Jones is using are fitted with a camera which streams a live feed into two high-resolution video displays.

These screens are placed directly in front of the eyes and the images produced are manipulated to fit into the wearer’s area of useable vision.

A cinema and theatre fan, the mother-of-one used the glasses to watch a production of Kes at Leeds Playhouse on Tuesday evening.

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