‘The Government don’t care’ – Gateshead woman who can’t work out change from £1 told to find job – Chronicle Live

When Sheila Nesbitt was asked what change you would get from £1 if you spent 75p, she didn’t know the answer.

It was one of the questions the 58-year-old was asked during a reassessment for benefit claim.

But, the assessor thought that she was able to work out a complex budget and the Department for Work and Pensions deemed her fit for work.

Sheila, of Gateshead, had her benefits moved from Employment Support Allowance to Universal Credit – despite the fact she has learning disabilities and can’t read, write, use a computer or do basic maths.

After being moved to Universal Credit, Sheila lost £100 per week and has struggled to balance her budget. She is now behind on paying her rent.

She said: “The assessor asked if I could do sums and I thought ‘Nah, not really’ I thought what is that.

After ending up in rent arrears and struggling financially, Sheila was forced to rely on Gateshead Foodbank.

“I was really, really struggling,” she said. “It was good that the food bank was there to help me though it.”

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