The Disabilities Trust: Raising Brain Injury awareness in Parliament – Charity Today News

ON 25 June, staff from The Disabilities Trust visited Parliament to screen MPs for brain injury, raising awareness of brain injury, as well as giving Members of Parliament insight into the screening process used within prison populations as part of The Disabilities Trust’s pilot project.

Chris Bryant MP, a frequent advocate of brain injury awareness and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Acquired Brain Injury, hosted the event in which MPs were screened using the Brain Injury Screening Index (BISI), a tool provided by national charity The Disabilities Trust.

It was a successful event with over ten MPs attending for screening, or to understand more about what we do. In attendance from The Disabilities Trust were Dr Ivan Pitman and Dr Rachael McNulty who have led on our work in prisons, Joss Gaynor, Head of Foundation, and Natasha Bloor, who worked in HMP Drake Hall as a Brain Injury Linkworker during our pilot project.

This was a fantastic opportunity for MPs to talk to experts in the field and learn more about acquired brain injury and how the screening process works. Our screening tool, the Brain Injury Screening Index (BISI) was developed in response to our research and uses eleven questions to help identify people with a brain injury, as well as giving an indication of the severity of the injury.

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