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Daily dressing is something that can, for so many, be challenging. Fiddly buttons and zips, as well as the need to bend and stretch, mean that a lot of high street clothes are unwearable or require help to put on. That’s why adaptive clothing brand, The Able Label, was created – to give disabled people functional fashion and their independence. Founder, Katie Ellis, rounds up 10 buys from the shop.

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When my grandmother developed Parkinson’s disease, I saw first-hand how much she struggled with dressing. Everyday fashion meant she relied on my grandfather to dress, stripping her of her independence.

Depending on your disability, lifting your arms above your shoulders to get clothes over your head, or bending down to pull up trousers or skirts, can be particularly difficult. And this can be even trickier if you are a wheelchair user.

With my eyes having been opened to the issues, I was inspired to create an adaptive clothing collection for disabled people. Combining the latest colours and trends with adapted designs that make dressing easier, the range is a perfect balance of fashion and function.

The desirable and dress-able clothes use quality fabrics, discreet adaptive designs and innovative fastenings to make dressing quicker, easier and safer. Yet, when they’re worn, no one would ever know they are adaptive clothing.

All the clothes are beneficial to anyone who has reduced movement, limited hand dexterity and strength, poor balance or faces fatigue. And, because the adaptive clothing is specifically designed to make dressing easier for disabled people, they are eligible for VAT exemption.

There are also free returns on all orders to ensure you find the right item for you. Should you have any specific requirements, The Able Label has an alterations service as well.

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Adaptive clothing – 10 picks

Cora Velcro-fastening shirt

Buttons on this long-sleeve, collarless shirt are purely for display as the shirt securely closes with premium Velcro. With a relaxed fit, it is made from 100% breathable viscose, which makes it easy-care. If stripes aren’t your style, it’s also available in two other designs.

Debbie maxi Velcro wrap skirt

Like with all of The Able Label skirts, the Debbie maxi skirt fully opens, meaning minimal balance is required. Simply open the skirt, lay it flat onto the bed or your wheelchair, sit back into it, wrap and fasten.

It has convenient side pockets to make accessing essentials easier, and the back of the waistband is elasticated for comfort. Being 38 inches long, it offers good coverage and has a beautiful drape, making it very popular with wheelchair users. It is available in three different patterns (including the one above).

Palazzo jersey pull-on trousers

The stretchy viscose fabric and elasticated waistband with no fiddly fastenings make these trousers easier to get on and off. With a stylish and comfortable wide leg and high waist, they are perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable. They are also quick drying and easy-care.

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