Tafida Raqeeb: Parents of brain-damaged girl call for change in law – Sky News

The mother of a severely brain-damaged girl who won the right to take her daughter abroad for treatment has told Sky News the law needs to be changed to protect parental rights.

A High Court judge ruled on Thursday that five-year-old Tafida Raqeeb can be moved to the Gaslini children’s hospital in Italy.

Specialists caring for Tafida at the Royal London Hospital said further treatment would be futile because the youngster has permanent brain damage and has no chance of recovery.

But her parents Shelina Begum, 39, and Mohammed Raqeeb, 45, of Newham, east London, said doctors at Gaslini in Genoa would keep providing life support treatment until Tafida was diagnosed as brain dead.

At a celebratory meal at the Cinnamon Spice restaurant in north London, Ms Begum told Sky News: “Every single day I actually broke down. I was petrified. What is it going to be? A life sentence or a death sentence?”

They said Tafida, who has a British-Bangladeshi background, is from a Muslim family and Islamic law allows only God to end life.

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