Tactile Printer for Persons with Visual Impairment | Best Brothers Group of Companies – BBG Architecture Life

Americas, Assistive Technology, Europe, August 7 2019

Since it is printed by foaming of a special capsule paper using a thermal printing method, it is small, quiet, and achieves a very high-quality finish compared to the conventional embossed method which makes braille by piling up from the rear side of the paper by a needle. You don’t need any special software. You can print directly from a Microsoft Office, PDF file or multiple image data even if you have no knowledge about braille or graphic design.

TactPlus.™ is equipped with voice guidance, therefore, it is easy for visually impaired people to create documents as well. Currently, voice guidance supports eight languages and according to the customer’s needs, we plan to adapt to other languages. Within this year, the paper for color printing will also be released. The TactPlus.™ high-quality 3D image can be colored and is expected to be used in the design field.

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