Stuart’s life-changing journey – Cyclone Mobility


Yesterday marked 34 years since Stuart’s spinal injury.

It’s been an absolute roller-coaster for all those years, but yesterday was not a sad day for Stuart.

Stuart’s injury changed his life instantly. But instead of looking back at that day with regret, Stuart sees it as the day that simply changed his direction. In many ways, Stuart’s injury enriched his life;

✅ Pushed him to start Cyclone Mobility
✅ Inspired him to help others in his situation
✅ Led him to his future wife, Karen and their two boys
✅ Introduced him to lifelong friends
✅ Made him a world leader in mobility and rehabilitation
✅ Travelled the world for work and pleasure

Stuart’s message to other people recovering from an injury is simple – “don’t just sit there!”.

Spinal injury is devastating and the recovery process will challenge you immensely. But injuries are not life-ending, they are life-changing. There are incredible opportunities for you post-injury. Whether you want to travel the world or start up your own business, there are people and organisations there to help you.

“When I set up Cyclone Mobility in 1989, my aim was to help people live as active a lifestyle as possible.”

Whether it’s getting adrenaline-junkies back out on the trails with a Quadrix Wheelchair or helping the health-conscious keep fit with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) bikes, the ethos of Cyclone Mobility is the same today as when Stuart founded the company.

Until next week,

For more info visit Cyclone Mobility website.

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