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Inspirational – Bruce Galleway, with fellow Headway service users

BRUCE Galleway is perhaps not a typical recipient of an honorary degree.

Celebrities like J K Rowling, Sir David Attenborough and Dame Judi Dench can all legitimately use the title doctor in front of their names thanks to the honorary award.

Bruce does not play such a high-profile role, however, he has had a significant impact on his community.

He received one of five honorary doctorates at Essex University for overcoming his disabilities with humour and generosity.

Bruce, from Great Bentley, does not remember anything what happened in the six weeks after he suffered a stroke in April 2000.

At the age of just 32, he had no reason to suspect he would suffer the devastating condition which happened while he was asleep.

A Cat scan at hospital showed he had suffered a cerebral bleed deep in the brain and he spent three and a half weeks in intensive care.

He was in hospital for four and a half months in total.

Initially Bruce could not recognise faces and for a year after the stroke, he couldn’t speak.

He was also left with long-lasting aphasia which leaves people unable to use language correctly.

He underwent two years of speech and language therapy, which has enabled him to converse again.

Since then he has played a significant role at the university helping to shape the service in the School of Health and Social Care, validating a new Speech and Language Therapy programme.

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