‘Steep rise’ in patients struggling to get epilepsy drugs – BBC News

There has been a “steep rise” in the number of people struggling to get hold of medication which helps control their seizures, the Epilepsy Society says.

The charity says “anxiety and stress” are putting patients at greater risk of seizures.

It is calling for the government to commission an urgent review of the medicines supply chain.

Although uncertainties around Brexit have highlighted medicine shortages, there has been a problem for years.

Last week the drug company Sanofi said there were shortages of an epilepsy drug, sodium valproate or Epilim, in some areas because of supply disruption at a factory last year, and not related to Brexit.

The company added that the situation was improving.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “As Sanofi has made clear, these issues are unrelated to our exit from the EU and they have followed the well-established processes we have to manage the small number of supply problems that may arise at any one time.”

‘Not good enough’

The Epilepsy Society said rising numbers of people had been contacting the charity’s helpline worried about getting hold of medication.

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