Startup building a better bionic hand officially hits the market – Chicago Business Journal

Psyonic’s bionic hand

A local startup that’s creating a more affordable bionic hand that lets wearers “feel” what they’re touching has officially made its product available to the public.

Psyonic, developed out of the University of Illinois by founder Aadeel Akhtar, is a high-tech prothesis that provides sensory feedback to its users. The device uses sensors that are embedded in the fingertips of the hand, so when a user touches an object, the skin is stimulated electrically, giving off a tingling or vibration sensation.

The device has been in development since 2015 and this week officially became available to users and clinicians across the country. And by using raw materials that are less expansive than similar bionic limbs on the market, Psyonic says its device is more affordable and is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

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