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  • St. James’s Place joins forces with the Kaleidoscope Group (UK) to widen access to applicants with disabilities

St. James’s Place joins forces with the Kaleidoscope Group (UK) to widen access to applicants with disabilities

Friday, 16 December, 2022

St. James’s Place joins forces with the Kaleidoscope Group (UK) to widen access to applicants with disabilities

  • SJP Academy will be supporting up to ten new would-be applicants with disabilities
  • Programme to increase representation of those with disabilities in financial advice

St. James’s Place (SJP) is partnering with the Kaleidoscope Group (UK) (Kaleidoscope), who supports people with disabilities into employment, to create an incubator programme to help those overcoming a range of health challenges, train as financial advisers.

The aim is to bring up to ten trainee advisers on board during the first nine months of 2023, with training through the SJP Academy to allow people with disabilities to access and create career opportunities within the financial advice profession.

SJP, Britain’s biggest wealth manager, and Kaleidoscope will work on making the recruitment process for the SJP academy more accessible to people with all types of disabilities. Kaleidoscope will support SJP in areas such as accessibility assessments for would-be recruits, disability awareness training within SJP and improving website accessibility. Both organisations will create a process drawing on outreach to internal and external networks to help widen opportunities to potential recruits to the SJP Academy and beyond to a career as a financial adviser.

Andy Payne, Head of the St. James’s Place Academy, says: “A key goal of our SJP Financial Adviser Academy is to be an ‘Academy for All’, and our new partnership with Kaleidoscope offers a fantastic opportunity to people who, in the past, have been both disadvantaged
and faced challenges in joining the advice profession. We are committed to providing a welcoming home for talented advisers, regardless of their background or circumstance, and whatever restrictions or challenges they may face.

“With the Academy no longer limited by geographical location, and now enabling our new advisers to shape their own way of learning, we have created a far more accessible and inclusive environment for recruits. And this ultimately will lead to better outcomes for our clients.

“The diversification of the advice profession not only widens opportunities for advisers, but it provides broad representation for the communities we serve and live in, and a more accurate reflection of our 21st Century society, at a time when providing high quality advice is more important than ever.”

Hardeep Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of the Kaleidoscope Group, commented: “There are over 14.6 million people in the UK that are living with some form of disability with over 8m in Employment. Many do not get the opportunities they genuinely deserve due to unfair judgement. This is despite their capabilities, hidden talents, and willingness to work. I am very encouraged by our partnership with SJP and welcome their innovative approach. It will allow us both to work together to help to transform the lives of many more people with disabilities by creating real opportunities for them to excel within the SJP Partnership.”

About St. James’s Place

St. James’s Place (SJP) is a leading UK wealth management organisation. Founded in 1991, SJP was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1997 and is a FTSE 100 company with over £142 billion funds under management. The company provides face-to-face advice to clients based on their individual needs and circumstances, adapting the advice as requirements change over time to ensure that recommendations remain appropriate.

About The Kaleidoscope Group

The Kaleidoscope Group is committed to creating an accessible world for all, where there is no 'difference' in different. Its purpose is to help people with disabilities to maximise their potential by empowering them to better understand their career aspirations. It then partners with Employers to advise on how to create genuine and relevant employment opportunities and build a workplace environment that fosters an inclusive mindset and culture that nurtures creativity, talent, innovation and meaning. www.Kaleidoscope.Group.

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