SPELD Victoria hosts Border workshop for parents of children with dyscalculia – The Border Mail

When your primary school-aged daughter can’t count to 10 or do basic arithmetic, alarm bells ring for worried parents.

Yet there is not always a simple solution to figuring out what to do when maths just doesn’t add up for your child.

Dyscalculia, which affects about 5 per cent of the population, is an unwieldy word that describes a maths learning disorder related to understanding numbers.

A workshop by SPELD Victoria this month provided a welcome lifeline to Border parents trying to help a child with dyscalculia.

The workshop at Wodonga TAFE was hosted by the Albury-Wodonga Dyslexia Support Group, a group that has gathered huge momentum since its launch in 2016.

About 40 parents and teachers heard dyscalculia expert Ann Williams explain the neuroscience behind the disorder and provide take-home strategies to help children from kindergarten to Year 10.

Ms Williams said it was fantastic to be able to bring an awareness and understanding of dyscalculia to regional areas.

She was quick to point out the disorder was not an intellectual disability but a “deficit in one part of the brain” that affected maths skills like multiplication, addition and subtraction.

“Dyscalculia is the reason able kids are unable to do arithmetic,” the “ex-chalkie” said.

Affected children may struggle with “low-order” maths skills but excel at other branches like geometry, according to Ms Williams.

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