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Here at Disability Horizons, we know all too well the problems disabled people and those with health conditions have faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Just one issue is the fear of others not keeping their distance when you’re out and about – a real concern if you’re at particular risk if you catch the virus. That’s why we’ve created 2M distance lanyards and social distancing sashes to help you stay safe.

Social distancing sign

The eye-catching design of our social distancing lanyard and card is an immediate, visual aid to help others understand the importance of keeping socially distant for you, whilst still keeping your personal space.

Large, bold lettering on the lanyard, in highly-visible red, states: ‘KEEP 2M DISTANCE’. The card reads: ‘PLEASE KEEP 2M DISTANCE. I have a health condition and am at higher risk if I catch Covid-19. Thank you.’

It could be particularly useful if you are unable to easily or quickly move away from someone who has come too close, for example, because you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility.

If you have a hidden disability or condition that makes you at greater risk if you catch Covid-19, it’s also a good way to signal to others that social distancing is important for you.

If you are visually impaired and less able to keep distant from others yourself, it will help alert people to stay away from you.

It would be useful children with health conditions or disabilities and adults who might find it difficult to understand the new rules and importance of social distancing.

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