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Tuesday, 28 February, 2023

Six Amputee-hosted Podcasts to Listen to in 2023 – Amplitude Magazine

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month is all about creating social change, and podcasts are an incredibly accessible platform for advocacy. These amputee-hosted shows inform, educate, and enlighten listeners about limb loss.

Two Dudes, Three Legs

Life comes at you fast. These funny, sharp-tongued bros come at you faster with hot takes on entrepreneurship, leadership, disability, and more.
Hosts: Anthony Cappelletti, Zac Dingee
Notable episodes: Footless Jo, Lasse Madsen
Listen: youtube.com/c/TwoDudesThreeLegs

Read more at: https://livingwithamplitude.com/article/best-podcasts-hosted-by-amputees-2023/

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