Single mother reveals her heartbreak of raising one-in-a-million twins with Down’s syndrome – Daily Mail

A single mother has revealed the heartbreak of raising one-in-a-million twins with Down’s syndrome and wishes she could make their disabilities disappear.

Emma Mullard, 36, found out she was pregnant with her twins just weeks after turning off life support for her baby girl who also had Down’s syndrome.

The devoted mother-of-five is a full-time carer for her boys, Alfie and Arthur, who are now six years old.

The boys are one of only 29 sets worldwide, and can’t communicate, have autism, weak muscle tone, and use walkers or wheelchairs to move around.

Despite saying she adores them, Miss Mullard has revealed she understands why mothers want terminations when they find out their child will have Down’s syndrome.

Miss Mullard said: ‘People say to me, “Don’t you love them as they are?” And I absolutely do, but anyone who has a child with a disability would whip it away from them if they could.

‘The oldest man in the world with Down’s syndrome is around 70 and I see adults who have died at 40 or 50, and that’s not old.

‘It’s frightening to know that they could go that young. I don’t want to get old and have to bury my boys.’

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