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Let's focus on what we can do, not what we can't!

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Signly British Sign Language Translation App (any sign languages)

Saturday, 6 May, 2017

Signly British Sign Language Translation App (any sign languages)

This is my latest video about a new BSL Translation App – Free download to your Smartphone and tablet.

The app is an exciting way for your company to interact with its customers who use British Sign Language and for British Sign Language users to access services.

The service provider pays for a pre-recorded British Sign Language translation of the written information they wish to make accessible. This could be posters, leaflets, letters, legislation, websites or books. The British Sign Language user is then able to see a pre-recorded British Sign Language Translation of that text using the app. This translation is displayed as a 3-dimensional image over the written text, by viewing the text or page through the screen of their device with the app open. This app could be useful for galleries, museums, government, employers, educational establishments, promoters and publishers to make their written information accessible.

This video has a spoken English Voiceover, written Transcript and is presented using British Sign Language in-vision.

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Text Transcript of BSL video:

Hi, My name is Tim. If you’re viewing this video on Facebook you can see my full name above this window.

I want to talk to you today about a new way that written printed English, can be translated into British Sign Language.

I have two examples that I want you to see. The first is a page from the children’s book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. This is a sample page from the story’s text. The second is a translation of the flight safety information you would get when boarding an aeroplane.

So, I’ve got my phone with me, and I have an app, which is free to download. I am going to use that now so you can see what I am talking about.

First you will see my face, as viewed through the app, then you will see an example page, with a 3d image of an interpreter displayed in front of the text.


<Shows the page of the Hungry Caterpillar>

And one more example.

<Shows flight safety information>

Wow, this is just normal paper! I’ve been able to do this, just by printing off this page and using the downloaded app to get a British Sign Language translation.

Imagine! You could use the same technology to access British Sign Language translations of posters and pamphlets or even the instructions on medicines, foods, cosmetics, letters. There are so many places this could be used. It even works to provide translations of WebPages – just by grabbing your phone and viewing it through the app.

So many people these days have mobile phones. All you would have to do is just point your phone and a translation is there. Wow!

I’d like you to think about who you could talk to about this technology? – your council, your local MP, a school, college or university, Organisations in both the private and public sector.

I got hold of this, and I wanted to give you a video demonstration today, but I could also come and give you a live demonstration in person.

You’re welcome to contact me to find out more on my email: blog@commaccess.net. At the end of the video I will put up my contact details – my website, mobile and email address.


Mobile: +4407780332828 (Outside UK)

Skype: microlinkpctim

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