SightPlus: the virtual reality vision aid restoring eyesight – Medical Device Network

British electronics company GiveVision has developed a wearable aid called SightPlus, which helps people whose sight loss is beyond the reach of glasses or surgery to perceive the world more clearly. Chloe Kent takes a closer look.

Once a person has SightPlus on, they can use a remote control to adjust the level of enhancement they need. Credit: GiveVision


With age-related illnesses such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma on the rise, it’s estimated that nearly three million people in the UK will be living with a visual impairment by 2030. Alongside the loss of vision comes a loss of independence and security, as many people begin to struggle more and more with everyday tasks as their condition deteriorates. Everyday tasks like grocery shopping or reading a book can become impossible when a person can’t see the products in front of them or read the words on a page, and many people are forced to rely on rudimentary devices like a magnifying glass to see them more clearly.

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