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We Are One Charitable Trust the group comprises both differently able artists on wheel chairs and hearing and speech impaired artists who believe that there is nothing impossible in this world. The artists perform on wheel chairs and crutches and accompanied by female artists who are hearing and speech impaired.


  • Our emphasis is to offer an opportunity to person with different physical challenge
  • ·WAO aims to give an international reorganization and platform to differently in the field of Art and Culture
  • One of the most aim is to breaking the barriers for person with disability


  • Performed in many Reality shows Dance India Dance (DID), Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega, India’s Got Talent, Satye Mav Jayate, south reality shows and many television serials
  • Registered our name in Guinness World Record for doing more number on spins on wheelchair in a minute
  • Registered our name The Dance India and Shaurya Achiever Award for raising hopes in the field of Dance for Hearing impaired
  • We have performed international at enviable like The House of Commons UK, Washington DC, New York, Florida, Canada, Singapore name just a few

And it was all special performance for motivating differently able people.

But our efforts require much more

Our efforts are not enough to provide opportunity to those differently able people who understand their has finished if they are handicap, but we provide them opportunity to make their self life motivated, and after getting this they all realize that there is more in life if you make plan for your life. Then you can achieve anything.

For more info:
Ms.Alka Sah (hearing impaired)
Assistant Director of WE ARE ONE
Official mail id –
Web site –
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