Should Makaton sign language be on the National Curriculum? – Beccles & Bungay Journal

John using Makaton alongside his grandchildren Betsy and Alfie. John is signing ‘fun’, Betsy is signing ‘B’ for Betsy and Alfie is signing ‘A’ for Alfie Picture: John Huggins

John Huggins, of Southwold, has been working hard to raise awareness for Makaton – and has started a petition which currently has well over 13,000 signatures. But what exactly is Makaton, and why is it important?

“Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech, enabling people to communicate,” explained John.

“It has been developed from languages around the world, and there are a number of crossovers with British Sign Language, but has been carefully chosen to make it simpler and easier to learn.”

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