‘Shielding Taught Me How Important Swimming Is, as a Person with Cerebral Palsy’ – Yahoo Lifestyle UK

Photo credit: Trevor Williams – Getty Images

Continued UK lockdowns restricted your freedoms and those of everyone you know. For those in the ‘Clinically extremely vulnerable’ category, however, who were asked to shield, this safety measure was pushed to an even more extreme level.

Here, writer Francesca Hughes, who lives with Triplegic Cerebral Palsy and, as such, has shielded through much of the pandemic, digs into how it felt to lose her ability to swim – and what being in the water means for many in the disabled community.

A swoosh of water runs over my head, back and legs. My arms pull me further through the clear liquid expanse of the pool. My movement, for once, carries a sensation of effortlessness and ease – I’m weightless, buoyed by a translucent sea.

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