‘She saved my life’: Autistic schoolgirl saves Northallerton mum – The Northern Echo

A SCHOOLGIRL with autism overcame her communication difficulties to help medics give life-saving treatment to her mum during a severe asthma attack.

Jo Cardie, 37, of Northallerton said she is “incredibly proud” of her 12-year-old daughter Dakota who sprang into action when she saw her mum suffering from severe chest pains and breathlessness.

It happened while they were being driven home from Teesside Park by Ms Cardie’s partner Shane Hare and as he found somewhere safe to pull over off the A19, Dakota rang the emergency services and managed to accurately describe her mum’s symptoms over the phone.

The youngster was also able to tell medics vital information about Ms Cardie’s existing heart condition and details of various medication she takes, meaning that the paramedics were fully briefed to treat her safely.

Dakota’s actions prevailed over her autism which affects her communication skills and Ms Cardie said the 999 call was the first time the youngster had ever spoken to a stranger over the phone.

She said: “This all came from a child who doesn’t talk to people and that is why I thought it was remarkable that she would talk to a stranger over the phone.

“I never thought she would be able to do that.

“It shows that just because you have got a name like autism for your issues, it doesn’t mean that you are not capable of doing things.”

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