See the Emotional Moment Groom Marries the Woman He Once Feared Wouldn’t Date Him As He Has Cerebral Palsy –

A groom became overwhelmed with love and emotion when he was his bride walking down the aisle on their wedding day in April.

Justin Boisvert, 30, was born with cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair to get around for most of his life. When he first met Sabrina Raposo, 27, over the internet, the two quickly bonded over their love of sports — even if Raposo is a Montreal Canadians fan and Boisvert follows their rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs. But as their friendship grew online, Boisvert didn’t post any photos or say anything that revealed his disability to Raposo.

“Before I met Sabrina I always worried about telling girls I was in a wheelchair,” Boisvert, Hamilton, Ontario, told SWNS. “In my photos, you can’t really tell and because we met online I was really nervous about telling her… I thought she might be shocked or not want to go on the date anymore.”

But over time, Boisvert worked up the courage to overcome his fears and tell his crush what he had hidden from her—turns out, it went better than what he expected.

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