Scientists develop an exoskeleton to help amputees walk with much less effort – Daily Mail

An exoskeleton that lets amputees feel like they are ‘walking with two normal legs’ has been developed by scientists using battery-powered electric motors.

The powerful exoskeleton, which wraps around the wearer’s waist and leg, was developed by a team of engineers at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

It has been designed for above-the-knee amputees and uses battery-powered electric motors and embedded microprocessors to reduce walking effort.

The 5.4lb frame is made of carbon-fibre material, plastic composites and aluminium and can walk for miles between charges, according to its creators.

Those wearing it saw a 15.6 per cent reduction in their metabolic rate, equivalent to taking off a 26-pound backpack while out on a long walk, the team said.

They don’t know how much the final device will cost, or when it will be available for general use, but hope to have it on the market soon.

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