Scheduling Out Life Makes Living with a Disability Easier – Muscular Dystrophy News

Combining medical appointments with school, work, and finances can sometimes overwhelm me. My mom used to be the keeper of my schedule, but now it’s all up to me, and the pressure is on. The best way for me to reduce stress when everything seems to happen at once is to schedule everything out.

College was a learning experience — more outside the classroom than inside. I had creative freedom in writing my own student newspaper stories, and was required to go out and interview sources throughout Los Angeles in my journalism classes. There was a problem when I tried to handle everything on my own, though: I would forget.

One day, I had scheduled an interview for an extracurricular program at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. When the time rolled around to get ready and leave for the interview, I was happily playing League of Legends without a care in the world. Five minutes after I was supposed to be interviewing, it hit me. Let’s just say I didn’t get in.

I hate being late, and the rollercoaster of emotion which that folly brought me was more than enough to get me to change my ways. Now, whenever my presence is required at a certain time and date, I immediately put it into Apple Calendar. The program reminds me 10 to 30 minutes before each event. Most days, I check my calendar to see if I am forgetting anything.

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