Research step into future with award-winning bionic limb design – Mirage News

Griffith University researchers Dr David Saxby and Professor Laurent Frossard have developed a device to monitor bionic limb stability. Pictured here with Caroline Graydon who has a bone-anchored prosthetic.

A team of Griffith University researchers is redefining the future of limb loss rehabilitation with a ground-breaking innovation to monitor bionic limb stability.

Professor Laurent Frossard from Menzies Health Institute Queensland and Dr David Saxby from the School of Health Sciences and Social Work have won the $50,000 mobility prize in the 2021 Bionic Queensland Challenge for their non-invasive diagnostic device, Thomax 2.0.

“The Thomax 2.0 is designed to help rehabilitation work more effectively and safely by measuring the loading stress of a prosthesis on the stump of a limb in real-time,” Professor Frossard says.

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