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We are just about halfway through 2019. I think this is a great time to evaluate my habits, my routines, and especially my goals. I usually start every calendar year with the motivation to accomplish and achieve like never before. In a lot of ways, I do achieve a lot. In some ways, though, my evaluations leave me thinking, “I wish I would have …”

This six-month review of myself has been a routine for a couple years now. I’m sometimes surprised with my personal performance, and sometimes I’m not. One thing that is never surprising is the process itself.

I know that in some areas, I am going to “win,” and in some areas, I am going to “lose.” However, I still look forward to this season of review because it’s a perfect time to recalibrate, refocus, or maybe even refine my goals. I never beat myself up for falling behind or falling off track. Instead, I view the missed targets as opportunities that I need to rethink. Rethink, not give up on.

When I talk about rethinking a goal or a priority, I’m referring to the very robust and honest internal dialogue that asks tough questions. “Is that still important to me?” “Can I achieve that if I go about it differently?” “Is my approach or time frame reasonable?” “Is it more likely to happen if I include others or ask for help?”

In addition to asking the tough questions, I make myself answer them. Thoughts and internal dialogue aren’t good enough, though. Instead, I write my answers down. I allow myself to look at and ponder the fully formed answers that I have written down. If I don’t do this, I have found that my mind will quickly accept an “excuse” camouflaged as a reason, and I may passively give up too soon.

The value of this process is so much more than just understanding where my opportunities are and celebrating my improvements. To a much more personal and significant degree, this process helps me stay aligned with my “true north” more frequently and consistently.

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