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What is RealSAM Smart Speaker?

RealSAM comes from the company that developed ‘In Your Pocket’ a fully voice-controlled accessible mobile phone for people with sight loss. Now they have brought the RealSAM Smart Speaker to the market, which is the first fully voice-controlled media player tool.

How much is a subscription to the RealSAM speaker?

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is a subscription service that includes access to the technology only. Therefore you will need a Google Home product or Amazon Alexa of your own to access all the content.

A subscription to the RealSAM speaker is normally £9.95 per month for new customers. But a one-off fee of £19.90 will get you a 1 year subscription.

How to access the RealSAM Smart Speaker

I received a Google Nest Mini to access RealSAM and was happy with the easy setup process for the speaker. Within minutes I was asking Google to play my favourite songs on Spotify.

However, I did have a few teething issues getting RealSAM to connect to my Google speaker initially, but I’ve been assured this is not the norm. It should be as straightforward as saying “Hey Google, talk to RealSAM” and saying your access code which you will be given. And hey presto you’ll be set up.

Despite the slight tech issue, I have to admit the ‘In your pocket’ team were great and super helpful in getting me connected.

By saying “Hey Google, talk to RealSam.” you are taken into the RealSAM technology where you will hear a welcome message. It’s recommended to say “user guide” at this point for more information on how to navigate your way around.

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