Re-engineered enzyme could help reverse damage from spinal cord injury and stroke – EurekAlert

In this rendering of the enzyme chondroitinase ABC, point mutations are represented by red balls. This re-engineered form of the enzyme is more stable and more active than the wild type and could be used to help reverse nerve damage caused by spinal cord injury or stroke.
CREDIT: Hettiaratchi, O’Meara et al., 2020. DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abc6378 This work is licensed under CC BY-NC

A team of researchers from University of Toronto Engineering and the University of Michigan has redesigned and enhanced a natural enzyme that shows promise in promoting the regrowth of nerve tissue following injury.

Their new version is more stable than the protein that occurs in nature, and could lead to new treatments for reversing nerve damage caused by traumatic injury or stroke.

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