Positivity Is Important with MS – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

“It could be worse.”

That’s a phrase I say to myself when I feel defeated by my multiple sclerosis (MS). When I am exhausted or just feeling “off,” I think I about how much worse my situation could be.

I speak for myself when I say that my journey with MS hasn’t been that bad. My MS is controlled and I experience very little side effects. Being part of a clinical trial has really been a blessing.

The worst part

A number of things are difficult when living with MS. Some side effects and symptoms are worse than others. Despite all of the mood swings, needles, and infusions, in my opinion, nothing is worse than magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs).

In the past seven years of this journey, I have had 28 MRIs. I have also given myself over 100 shots, had about 14 infusions, and given over 200 tubes of blood, but those things are still not as bad as an MRI.

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