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With all the panic and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus dominating the news, it’s been harder to find stories that have looked on the bright side of life. But here at Disability Horizons, we’ve been able to dig out positive stories you may have missed that are sure to inspire and entertain you, putting you in a good mood.

National Trust to offer virtual access so people can continue enjoying the natural world

With almost all shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, tourist attractions and entertainment venues closed due to COVID-19, there aren’t many places to go and visit.

Earlier this week the National Trust opened its parks, gardens and beaches for free. However, following over-crowding Saturday 21st March, these will now be closed alongside the houses to prevent the spread of the virus.

Fortunately, the National Trust is offering online access to its outdoor spaces to ensure that people did not lose their connection with nature and that sites of natural beauty remained open “virtually”.

Director general Hilary McGrady said: “Over the coming weeks our digital platforms – our website, social media feeds, podcasts and video – will become even more important, ensuring the places of nature, beauty and history that we care for on behalf of the nation can remain open for business virtually while we are temporarily closed.”

To find out more about accessing parks and gardens virtually, visit the National Trust website.

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