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Thursday, 2 February, 2023

Podcast: Neurodiversity in the workplace — Ground Engineering

Breaking Ground’s latest episode discusses the experience of being neurodiverse in the construction industry, and how a neurodiverse team can make your organisation more effective.

In this episode of the Breaking Ground podcast, host Steve Hadley chats to Balfour Beatty finance analyst Rebecca Penn, Knight Piésold senior engineer Martin Griffin and Plowman Craven head of client engagement Gary Evans.

Neurodiversity is a complicated concept and can be often hard to define. But as Griffin explains: “To me neurodiversity is the way we think, process, move and act. It’s like comparing an automatic car with a manual car – both are cars but work slightly differently. Our brains and how they act work differently and respond differently to different environments.”

Read more at: https://www.geplus.co.uk/news/podcast-neurodiversity-in-the-workplace-01-02-2023/

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