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Monday, 15 February, 2016


EasyJet launches summer collection to raise vital funds for Unicef’s work for children

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/C8Sx13rJZcc

Ade Adepitan, TV presenter, Paralympic wheelchair basketball medallist and Unicef UK supporter, has lent his support for the launch of easyJet’s Change for Good ™ summer collection, which aims to raise vital funds for Unicef to fight polio. Tying in with Unicef’s Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal, Ade tells his personal story in a short film.

Ade contracted polio as a child, which changed his life forever and resulted in him losing the use of his left leg. He is determined to do all he can to help eradicate this devastating disease and make sure no other child has to go through this.

For the next three months, 20th June until the 13th September, all passengers travelling with easyJet can donate their spare change and unwanted foreign currency to UNICEF, the world’s leading organisation for children, at a crucial time in the race to eradicate polio globally.

Ade Adepitan, Unicef UK supporter, said: “As someone who contracted polio as a child, I understand first-hand how devastating this disease can be. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and contracted the disease at just 15 months old. It caused paralysis in the left side of my body and left me unable to use my left leg.

“As a result, my parents realised it would be too hard to bring up a disabled child in Nigeria and saved up to bring us over to the UK. At the time, they couldn’t afford to bring my sister, so in effect it not only left me disabled, but broke up my family as I didn’t see her again for 10 years.  I want to make sure no other child has to go through this.

“I am urging everyone who flies with easyJet over the summer to donate generously. By donating your change, in any currency, to Unicef on-board a flight, you can help us keep more children safe from polio.”

Carolyn McCall, easyJet’s Chief Executive said: “We’re so grateful for Ade Adepitan's support with our Change for Good summer collection for Unicef. His story shows just how important it is to fight Polio, a devastating disease.

“Our passengers have given so generously to date and we are sure that our campaign to help Unicef vaccinate more children against polio will inspire them once again to donate to this really worthy cause.”

Although there is no cure for polio, there is a safe and effective vaccine. Three doses of polio vaccine can give a lifetime of immunity, meaning it costs as little as 27p (EUR 33c) to protect a child forever.

Since 2012, easyJet has helped Unicef vaccinate 2 million children against polio. Together we can reach every child.


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